Shipping & Returns




During the summer months, MedTeam Protein is not responsible for the melting of protein bars while in transit from our warehouse to your shipping address. All of our products are stored in a temperature-controlled storage facility. We do affix a “ Protect from Heat” label on all our shipping cartons, but once your order leaves our facility, the weather is out of our control.

MedTeam Protein will not accept returns and will not furnish any credits on protein bars or any products that have been left on your doorstep or outside in the heat. We firmly suggest that if you are unavailable to receive the package, have your order shipped to your place of business or an alternate address that will allow the package to be taken inside immediately.

If your order contains protein bars that have been exposed to heat for any length of time, unpack your box, and without disturbing the individual bars, place the boxes of protein bars (or individual protein bars, if not packaged in boxes) in your refrigerator for approximately one hour. Please note, many of the chocolate protein bars are known to “bloom” when melted and then re-hardened. The protein may harden and appear whitish. The product is OK to consume and there is no loss of nutrition.

MedTeam Protein’s preferred form of shipping is United Parcel Service (UPS). If you are concerned with the delivery time of your shipment, please visit and enter the UPS tracking number you received in your confirmation email.




All sales are final. Should there be a problem with the manufacturing of a product or there is a defect with a purchased product, please contact our Customer Service Department for assistance at[email protected]

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